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selected media coverage


The Atlantic. Puppy Cuteness is Perfectly Timed to Manipulate Humans (by Sarah Elizabeth Adler, 10/7/18)

Forbes. The Science behind Why You Want to Destroy Something Beautiful (by Jessica Baron, 12/5/18)

Popular Science. Why Do We Think Tiny Things are Cute (by Dana G. Smith, 8/28/18)


Business Insider. A New Study Finds Stressed-out men are Less Likely to be High-status Leaders. (by Shana Lebowitz, 9/4/15).

Forbes. Do Your Testosterone and Cortisol Levels Dictate Your Leadership Ability? (by Susan Adams, 8/26/15)


The Wall Street Journal. Psychology: The Power of Disgust (by Daniel Akst).

BBC World Update (radio interview with host Dan Damon on Sept 24, 2012).

Time. Why being a leader is less stressful than following (by Maia Szalavitz)

The Washington Post. Is it Actually Less Stressful to be in Charge? (by Jena McGregor)

ABC News. Harvard, Stanford Researchers Find Leaders Less Stressed Due to Sense of Control (by Suzanna Kim)

U.S. News and World Report. Born to Lead? No Sweat (by Randy Dotinga)

The Atlantic. Why the Puppy Cam Is About to Make the Whole Internet Better at Photoshop (by Alexis Madrigal)


Scientific American Mind. The Color of Sin: Why Good Guys Wear White (by Wray Herbert)

The Economist. Morality and Colour: Dark for Dark Business (by Matt Kaplan)

The Boston Globe. Uncommon Knowledge -- The Secret to Better Performance: Kittens (by Kevin Lewis)

The Washington Post. Counter-Intuition: It Helps to be Cute (by Shankar Vedantam)


Nature. The Depths of Disgust (by Dan Jones).